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Life insurance direct. Quote and buy online. Lowest premiums in Malaysia. Policy issued in 10 minutes.


U for Life is a Malaysian online company offering a low cost life insurance products over the internet direct to consumers. Because you can get an instant quote and buy direct online, there is no need to use an agent or get insurance advice from a financial adviser.

Our instant life insurance calculator helps you determine the minimum amount of life insurance you require given your number of dependants.

Because of the efficiency of our online electronic underwriting, together with our instant paperless process, U for Life is able to offer the lowest cost best value life insurance in Malaysia

Get an instant life insurance quote and get a policy issued and emailed, all in less than 10 minutes.

UforLife Sdn Bhd

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Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Personal Accident Cover

All products offered by U for Life are described in plain English. We have avoided the use of insurance and legal jargon so that policy documents are straightforward and easy to understand.


Because you are the head of your family, you made a promise to keep your family safe and financially secure. Our range of life insurance products helps you keep that promise.

Life Insurance is a pure act of love, responsibility and commitment. With a life insurance product from Pinnacle Life, you can choose a benefit amount - up to RM500,000 - which will be paid to your family upon your death, to help provide for their future. It's your way of making sure that if you were no longer around to provide for your family they would still have a measure of financial security to help make sure the hopes and dreams you hold for them can still come true.

We keep our promises, so you can keep yours.

There are various types of life insurance policies available, either as individual cover of as a joint policy, so it largely depends on what coverage you want and on the level of insurance premiums you want to pay.

Life insurance, Critical Illness insurance all offer aspects of financial security to your financial dependents should you suddenly pass away or be diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness.


Although there are no hard and fast rules, there are some situations when a life insurance product should be considered.

Getting married

One of the most popular times to think about life insurance is when you are getting married. Starting a new life with someone arrives with all sorts of financial commitments, with one of them no doubt being how to support your spouse.

Having kids

Having children is a life event that makes you think about the future - you'll suddenly have vulnerable young people who are financially dependent on you, meaning they'll need to be catered for in the event of your death.


Getting older often means that people take stock of their lives and possibly even how they plan to provide for their loved ones. In most instances, it's best to take out life insurance sooner rather than later to reap the maximum benefit and give you peace of mind for longer. It also means that you are buying cover while you still can. If you wait until you become ill, it'll probably be too late to get cover. So, if you are fast approaching your 40th or 50th birthday, for example, and you haven't yet thought about life insurance, it could be a good time to do so.


We build partnerships with companies, clubs, insurance brokers, financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other associations that negotiate with us to provide extra life insurance benefits for their constituents and members.




Our customers can download the following forms from our website.

Assignment Form: https://uforlife.com.my/pdfs/0107_Absolute_Assignment.pdf

Nomination and Trust Form: https://uforlife.com.my/pdfs/Nomination_for_appointment_of_Nominee.pdf


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