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You made a promise to provide for your family and work hard to better their lifestyle. A Critical Illness policy helps you keep it.

Every week cancer, heart attaches and strokes claim a significant number of lives across Malaysia. No matter how careful you are you can't always see what's around the corner. Critical Illness Cover is an easy and affordable way to provide a lump sum benefit – up to 25% of the Life Cover amount which is paid to your family if you suffer a serious illness. It's your way of providing your family with a financial safety net to take care of them when critical illness suddenly strikes.


Critical Illness Cover is only offered to applicants whose health allows them after we have assessed the applicant for Life cover.

Critical Illness Cover pays a lump sum benefit to your family (25% of the life insured amount) if you are diagnosed with one of the big four critical illness covered. Namely Stroke, Cancer, Heart Failure or Bypass surgery. It's one way you can help ensure that they can continue to get by without you having to work, if you suddenly and unexpectedly fall ill.

Critical Illness Cover ensures your family won't face financial disaster if you're no longer able to work for a long period of time.


This option pays 25% of your life coverage in advance if you suffer from any one of four critical illnesses. (Heart attack, open heart bypass surgery, stroke or cancer)

Not all applicants will receive this critical illness advance payment offer. The Critical Illness option will be offered after we have assessed your health. If the offer is made, the option to include this coverage is voluntary.


  • Pays a lump sum of 25% of the Life cover amount U selected in advance if U suffer from any one of these critical illnesses; cancer, heart attack, stroke, open heart bypass surgery
  • U’ll remain covered for critical illness until you’re 65 years old.

For more details, see our policy disclosure statement